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The sleeve


The sleeve

Sleeve is short for socket wrench. Because it is set on all kinds of wrenches and shaped like a tube, it is commonly known as sleeve, is commonly used production, maintenance, life tools.

Socket wrench is composed of a number of socket with hexagonal hole or twelve-angle hole and various accessories such as handle, connecting rod, etc. It is especially suitable for bolts or nuts with narrow turning position or deep recessed.

1, international 45 steel, special manufacturing process, high dimensional accuracy, reliable quality.

2, can be connected Ф 16-40 mm Ф HRB335 and HRB400 ribbed steel bar.

3. Passed the inspection of national construction engineering quality supervision and inspection center and reached the grade I joint standard in jgj107-2003. 4. There are three series of standard type, positive and negative screw type and reducing type, with 52 varieties, which can meet the requirements of connecting steel bars of the same diameter, reducing diameter and adjustable length and direction in the transverse, vertical and oblique parts of the building structure.

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